Gyro Shack

Gyro Shack

Gyro Shack is a young Quick-Service Restaurant Franchise founded in 2009 by Gus Zaharioudakis in Boise, ID. While visiting Crete, Greece on a family vacation, Gus frequented a small roadside Gyro stand daily. He saw the simplicity of the operation and was looking for a business opportunity to start in the U.S. Upon seeing the gyro stand Gus declared, “I can do this in Boise!” Gus promptly went back to Boise and started Gyro Shack in a defunct 125 s.f. double drive-thru coffee shop.

Over the next couple of years Gus leased another old coffee shop and spent his time expanding the menu, creating new and unique flavor combinations on the foundation of the traditional Chicago-style gyro. This creativity, and Gus’s passion for food quality and service allowed him to steadily grow Gyro Shack for the next few years.

In 2015 Gus realized he was spending more and more of his time managing operations and less time making food and interacting with guests. He decided he needed help if Gyro Shack was going to get as large as he hoped it would. After much contemplation Gus sold his interest and took a step back to work on other business ventures.

Today Gyro Shack is as poised as ever to grow the Mediterranean food segment. We strive to stay close to Gus’s original vision of a simple menu and operations while creating systems and processes to allow easier scalability. We are growing in the Southwestern U.S. with corporate locations Tucson, AZ and franchise locations in Albuquerque, NM. We are seeking like-minded individuals looking to join a quick-service restaurant Brand in a food segment with an abundance of runway ahead of it!

Gyro ShackGyro Shack
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