As a franchise consultant, I am tasked with helping entrepreneurs who want to buy a franchise business, make the best choice. A business that will meet all of my clients personal and professional goals, something that they are truly passionate about doing.
Everyone that I work with wants to start a business, whether they are experienced entrepreneurs or first-time business owners. My role as a franchise consultant is not to convince my clients to buy a business. My role is to help guide my clients down the path toward entrepreneurship. To consult, educate, and coach.
Here are some of my key objectives as we work together:
 Recommend franchises that fit your business personality, financial goals, lifestyle, and family needs

 Help you research all the facts about the franchise business opportunities that you are looking into

 Help you determine your financial qualification

 Guide you through every step of the discovery process to insure the proper due diligence is performed, before making and educated decision on proceeding with the purchase of a franchise business

For many of my clients, the decision to open a business can be life changing, and working with a certified franchise professional is invaluable while working through the process. My services are free of charge to my clients. If we decide to work together, and you find a business that you would like to start, the franchisors pay my fees. If you are interested in learning more about franchise business ownership, please do not hesitate to contact me.
At Profiture Franchise Consulting, we specialize in giving direction to your dream.